Strategic planning is a vital requirement for organization; however, most of organizations have ignored that and it will result in low efficency and high future risk.

Training program for organizations "GLOBAL INTEGRATED ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGIC PLANNING G23.0 - SOS" aims to corporate identity, organizational integration competency navigation, survival competing and development on a global scale by widespreading deployment of strategy levels to create effective capitals for organizations. This program is taught in English or Vietnamese and flexible with learners' conditions.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 and EAS Vietnam are creating new trends, quality of Leadership HR based on Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard.

Choosing EAS Vietnam for updating organizational administration competency for Global Organizations and Enterprises is a smart choice.

Renew your strategy and your organization wisely up to your own expectations because of your Attitude - Aspiration - Action - Strategy from now on.


With our competency, EAS Vietnam is confident to provide and train successfully person groups joining in training program Global Integrated Organizational Culture Building G23.0 at various levels.

Organizational level strategy
Unit-level strategy
Functional level strategy
Technical level strategy


Basing on the characteristics, model, competencies, and targets of the organization, we decide the duration for the successful building of integrated administration competency for the organization.

Flexible schedule with hour, semester/term, month or year based on Europe and USA credit system.

If organization's duration and competency meets the requirement of Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard, EAS Vietnam will award them EAS IHHRM G23.0 Certification.


  1. Status judgement
  2. Content and mentor case-study of different level
  3. Train & Transfer
  4. Evaluate and adjustment


Train & Transfer

EAS Vietnam Global Mentoring System helps students save time and expenses anytime, anywhere according to the self-arranged schedule of individuals or organizations.

Gather In-House

Training case-study based on Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard. By schedule between students and lecturers. Study in EAS Vietnam's classes.

Integrated Subject

Face-to-Face and Real-Time Online in one training program. Training combined with system consultancy and strategy helps to increase capitals for organizational business ecosystem and to control every situations well.

Real-Time Online

Based on personal case-study model to ensure the best suitable mode of delivery and content according to learners' needs.


Trinh Kim Thanh

At EAS Vietnam, I found that the professionalism and devotion of Mr. Viet Anh with the lectures compiled by him basing on the abilities of each student that made me very reassuring. The modern realtime system and challenges with Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard encourage me to become the person I want

Trinh Kim Thanh

Head of Adminstration Office, Technology & Consultancy Joint Stock Company CIC - Higher Strategic Administration Student

Trần Duy Hưng – en

The course has helped me raise thinking level and knowledge of administration but the school knowledge that I have learned helps me to be more successful in my career. This is also an opportunity for me to overcome difficulties and obstacles with personnel-related issues that I and my organization encounter.

Tran Duy Hung

Vice head of Administrative Office of The HIEC - CIA K12

Lê Thị Thơm – en

EAS Vietnam especially helps me expand my knowledge, leadership thinking, promote competitive advantage in the international environment, make valuable changes to my life and career. I am completely confident that conquering foreign organizations and businesses is entirely possible.

Le Thi Thom

Asministrative Assitant of Obayashi Vietnam Company– CIA K8

Le Minh Thao

At EAS Vietnam, I experience the most rigorous training program according to the International EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard with the enthusiastic and professional support of the members, especially the unique teaching style and openness of Dr. Bui Phuong Viet Anh has really changed my perception of traditional administration and leadership. EAS Vietnam is my right choice for the goal of becoming a world-class leader.

Le Minh Thao

Asia - Pacific Area Manager - Bevpax Pty Ltd., Higher Strategic Administration Student

Ko Yun Ah

These practical administration knowledge has helped me as a flying tiger to conquer my career on the International labor stage.

Ko Yun Ah

KST Corporation, Korea - MLS K12

Keo Pongnarin – en

This course will help me understand what leadership and management really mean. I can work more effectively myself. This is a solid foundation for me to have an effective strategy for my work and organization. Thanks EAS Vietnam.

Keo Pongnarin

CCO of Cambodian Shinhan Bank - MLS K12

Elena. R – en

This is an international standard human resource training program that I have never learnt in university. EAS Vietnam really allowed me to expand my knowledge as well as practical and creative skills. I look forward to learning more and recommending this program to my friends.

Elena. R

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MLS K16

Cao Thị Mai Linh – en

Culture and discipline maintain organizational development. I have grown up from the Commando, challenged my limits, put myself in a discipline framework to cultivate the leadership consciousness, habits, attitudes and behaviors which are foundational elements for me to build my organization.

Cao Thi Mai Linh

Assitant Director of MACDI - CIA K8

Abdul H Chaly

It is amazing that HRM EAS Vietnam, it course has improved my leadership capacity with the G23.0 standard. I will be able to open branch to Europe and Southeast Asia thanks to Human Resource Management, thanks to EAS Vietnam and the Chanceller.

Abdul H Chaly

Director of HOME Care Company, Bangladesh - HRM K20